Four Battlegrounds Preparing for the future of war The recent publications 'Four Battlegrounds', 'War Transformed' and the 'Origins of Victorty' are all worthy additions to the field and have considerable merits of their own.
Foto Visions on Future War The validity of Western visions on the future of war prior to the start of the war on 24 February 2022 can be interrogated by confronting them with the evolution of that war and shows it contains features of several visions of the future but also paradoxical ones.
Foto MCD, Phil Nijhuis The Small Seapower State Building on Jacob Borresen’s theory of the ‘coastal state’, in which not the navy as such but rather the unique characteristics of the coastal state as a (small) maritime nation served as its starting point, the notion of the small seapower state, with the Netherlands as an example, can be introduced.
Foto MCD Cinthia Nijssen The Netherlands Journal of War Studies De Militaire Spectator biedt onderzoekers en wetenschappers nu de mogelijkheid om de resultaten van hun inspanningen te publiceren naar wetenschappelijke maatstaven.
NEXUS De oorlog en de toekomst The Nexus volume 'De oorlog en de toekomst' is worth reading on the unfailingly intriguing topic of war and the future.
Foto US Navy Winning without Fighting in the Indo-Pacific China is effectively developing a three-sea-force with an evolving division of labor, in which the irregular forces gradually assume China’s near-seas objectives in order to allow the navy to increasingly focus on its blue-seas missions and capabilities.
Foto Aliens en militaire geschiedenis Militaire sciencefiction legt de focus op oorlogvoering in een verre toekomst en stelt relevante fundamentele (geschied)filosofische thema's centraal.
Foto U.S. Department of Defense The Milleytary Oath: Speech Act Theory in the American Civil-Military Context Chairman of US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley stressed that the vertical authority relationship of the state and the armed forces is enforced in the military oath, which is in line with the literature on the military oath of office as a speech act in civil-military relations.