Artillery Ukraine The Role of Artillery in Ukraine's Counteroffensive The way artillery is employed when shifting from the defence to the offence must change to unlock its full potential and allow Ukraine to overcome significant Russian emplacements, Patrick Hinton writes in a RUSI report.
sipri SIPRI Report on Russia's military expenditure Russia’s total military expenditure has increased since its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, but not dramatically, SIPRI says in a report.
Foto US Air Force The War in Ukraine: Altering the norm of state sovereignty? The Ukraine war proves that Russia tries to make the norm of state sovereignty conditional on certain factors and much less universal.
Foto NAVO Oekraïne: en hoe nu verder? Onze strategische denkers moeten nu al stilstaan bij de fase na de beëindiging van de oorlog in Oekraïne.
Sergei Boeke Train the trainer: leren van de Oekraïners Op veel vlakken kunnen wij inmiddels meer van de Oekraïense krijgsmacht leren dan zij van ons.
Photo NATO ‘Maybe Russia cannot be deterred’ 'We should have listened to the Baltic states and Poland earlier' was a key sentiment during the Lennart Meri Conference in Tallinn. Building resilience and readiness is crucial if deterrence against Russia fails.
Foto ANP Limits of Russian operational art The Kremlin’s ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine failed to achieve a swift victory because of Russia’s inability to learn from previous conflicts.
Foto ANP Russische nucleaire doctrine: een inkijk in diepliggende angsten Russische kruisvluchtwapens en ballistische raketten kunnen ook een nucleaire lading dragen en spelen volgens Russische militaire theoretici ook dan een belangrijke rol op het slagveld.