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Foto marine Belgie Interview met commandant Belgische marine Lees in het Belgisch Militair Tijdschrift een interview met marinecommandant divisieadmiraal Jan de Beurme.
Aspen Institute Aspen Security Forum 2023 Watch the experts speaking about Ukraine and other topics at the 2023 Aspen Security Forum.
NL ARMS 2022 Read now: NL ARMS 2022 NL ARMS 2022: Towards a Data-Driven Military. A Multidisciplinary Perspective  
Foto US Army Special Militair Rechtelijk Tijdschrift: De oorlog in Oekraïne Lees de special van het Militair Rechtelijk Tijdschrift over de oorlog in Oekraïne.  
Russia Conference The Conference on Russia 2023 Papers The University of Tartu Press has published the papers of the upcoming Conference on Russia, entitled 'The winter of Russia's discontent. Russia’s Futures from Within and Without.'
MSC Munich Security Report 2023 Re:vision Against the background of Russia's brutal invasion of Ukraine, the world’s liberal democracies must revamp their vision of a desirable international order, says the Munich Security Report 2023,
Photo US Army Alexander Skripnichuk Benoît Verbreuk and Gregory Teulingkx analyse Russian urban operations In their article 'From the (dis)illusion of combined arms manoeuvre to the war of attrition: the deficiencies of the Russian Battalion Tactical Group in urban operations' Benoît Verbreuk and Gregory Teulingkx analyse the inferior performance of the Russian army in urban areas in Ukraine. 
Foto US Army Jason Johnston Dr. Tom Simoens analyses Combined Arms Warfare In an article for The Defence Horizon Journal Tom Simoens analyses why Combined Arms Warfare remains a key concept and argues that every future officer should be familiar with it.
Foto US Army Ryan Matson Nieuwe Amerikaanse National Defense Strategy De Amerikaanse National Defense Strategy 2022 gaat onder meer uit van vergaande geopolitieke en technologische veranderingen.
Foto MCD Joyce Rutjes Multatuli-lezing 2022 Mart de Kruif In de Multatuli-lezing die hij onlangs uitsprak gaat luitenant-generaal b.d. Mart de Kruif onder meer in op de drie componenten van militair vermogen.