NL ARMS 2022 assesses the use of data and information on modern conflict from multiple scientific and methodological disciplines, aiming to generate valuable contributions to the on-going discourse on data, the military and modern warfare.

Military Systems and Technology approaches the theme empirically by researching how data can be used to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of military materiel and equipment, thereby generating valuable data to enhance and accelerate the decision-making process. War Studies takes a multidisciplinary approach on the evolution of warfare, while Military Management Studies takes a holistic organisational and procedural approach.

Based on their scientific protocols and methods of research, the three domains put forward different research questions and perspectives, providing the unique character of NL ARMS 2022.

The volume was edited by Peter B.M.J. Pijpers, Mark Voskuijl and Robert J.M. Beeres and can be downloaded from Leiden University Press.

NL ARMS 2022

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