The Netherlands Journal of War Studies: Call for papers – CLOSED

The Militaire Spectator aims to be a chronology on developments in war studies as well as to report the experiences and findings of military and civilian experts in the field of military science.

This year the Militaire Spectator publishes a special edition (open access) focused on the future of war studies. The articles received will be submitted to a process of blind peer review. The academic scope of the articles, whose topics should be related to the future of war studies, includes military operations sciences, international security studies, military history, strategy, cyber operations, behavioural sciences, ethics, intelligence studies, military policing, military law, and irregular and special operations.

The deadline for submitting papers is 15 September 2023. Authors are requested to send their contributions via email to:

The guidelines for the presentation of the articles are:

•        Name and contact details of the author(s).

•        The article reflects current scientific discourse on war studies, and has a clear style, a title (and subtitle), structure indication, methodology, and discussion.

•        The article contains a maximum of 8,000 words, including footnotes and bibliography. The total number of words excludes a short synopsis of 200 words and a list of keywords.

•        When presented in the English language, the article should meet the standard requirements.

The Netherlands Journal of War Studies